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TAKE ME TO MARS- Limited Edition Lavender & Cedar-wood Body Bar

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Special limited edition body bar 😍🪐 Have him & her addicted to your body. The fragrances in this bar are 


Fragrance Description: 

🍬 Sweet 

🌷 Floral  

💦 Fresh

💕 Sexy 


Caution: This lathering body bar  is likely to take you to a mental journey to outer space 🪐 Calming lavender helps ease stress and promote relaxation. 


Stars of this Limited Edition Glowscription : 

⭐️ Goats Milk / Oatmeal / Honey 

⭐️ Pure Virgin Olive Oil 

⭐️Pure African Shea Butter 



Softens skin, lightly exfoliates, and deeply cleanses without over drying. Rich smooth lather covers entire body. Not recommended for facial use due to natural fragrance oil concentration.


How To Use 

Use on body daily. Follow up with an Elevated Drip Body Oil.