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The Wealthy One- EXOTIC 2.0- Body Oil

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Attract Wealth.

WEALTHY EXOTIC Body Oil is for the rich minded 💵

One of the key ways to wealth attraction is good self-care habits + a positive mind. Covering the skin in the finest of essential oils & extracts can promote abundance , energy, and mental clarity . Elevated Drip created this Body oil for those who appreciate the finer things in life & who understand the importance of using only quality, rich ingredients on the skin.


⭐️WEALTHY EXOTIC 2.0 Fragrance Description: 

💰 Clean/Fresh

💰 Woody 

💰 Sweet 

WEALTHY EXOTIC 2.0 features deep, long-lasting notes of Woody Sandalwood, Floral Jasmine, Rich Jade, and Sweet Vanilla. The combination makes a clean, fresh aroma that is also warm and rich


⭐️Star Ingredients 

💧Hemp Seed Oil 

💧Shea Butter 

💧Sunflower Oil High in Vitamin E

💧Castor Oil 

🌼 Lilly Petals

🌹 Rose Buds



WEALTHY EXOTIC 2.0 Body Oil features both masculine and feminine components that makes it attractive to any and everyone. 


Skin Types: 

All Skin Types


How to Use 

Set the tone at the start of the day by applying the WEALTHY EXOTIC 2.0 Money Oil liberally over your skin after showering with an Elevated Drip Rx Bar Soap. Pair with your favorite cologne, perfume, or body spray. Wear before bed and allow the soothing hints of lavender oil to relax you. External Use Only. This is not a facial oil. Do not use in private areas. Avoid contact with broken or wounded skin. 

For Dry Skin: 

Use Oil before your shower to help create a barrier between your skin and water, so that the water doesn’t drain the oils from your skin. Pair with any one of our bar soaps .


💦Softens and Moisturizes Skin 

💦Lightweight & Absorbs Quickly

💦Leaves a soft glow on your skin 

💦Perfect for year-round use.

💦Add a few drops to your body wash or bath to enhance moisture and aroma.  

💦Smell and feel Opulent & Wealthy 



4 oz Dropper Bottle


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  Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved and is not intended to cure any skin ailments or diseases. Use the product at your own discretion. Discontinue use if irritation occurs .