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The EARTH Antibacterial & Antifungal Cleansing Bar

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Enjoy a rich full body cleansing experience with the EARTH bar which is Powerful enough to help reduce acne , and  may prevent bacterial &  yeast skin infections. The aromatic herbal blend of essential oils and extracts in this bar creates an intoxicating aroma that eases your senses. It relaxes, lubricates, and moisturizes your skin. This soap bar is powerful , gentle, and unisex. Kings & Queens need this bar as part of their daily skin must haves. 

Free of synthetic dyes,  chemicals, and detergents. Completely Natural & Earth Derived Oils & Extracts.

Stop Use if irritation occurs 

Antibacterial  / Anti- inflammatory

(Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil) 

  • fights odor causing bacteria 
  • fights infection causing bacteria 
  • kills acne fighting bacteria and help maintain a smooth complexion
  • Has a cooling effect

( Clove Oil ,Tea Tree, Lavender Oil, Peppermint) 

  • Can help fight against Candida .


Moisturizes/ Pore Cleansing

(Honey and Coconut Oil) 

  • Both Honey and Coconut oil posses excellent  moisturizing properties . They leave your skin with a smooth healthy glow while gently exfoliating and bringing life to your skin cells 
  • After Cleansing, apply our   DreamyGlow Rx Serum, Soft Glow Moisturizer, or Night Cream and glow up x2.  
  • Helps clear black and white heads 
  • Pulls dirt from your pores with the action of Coconut Oil 

(Lavender, Eucalyptus Oil) 

  • Relaxing aromas in combination with the benefit of the EARTH Bar for the health of your skin, creates an invigorating shower experience every time. The bar is extremely smooth and lathers up wonderfully.  Cleanse from head to toe.


Bar Size/Weight (oz) 
≈5- 6oz Cleansing Soap Bar 



Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved and is not intended to cure any skin ailments or diseases. Use the product at your own discretion. Discontinue use if irritation occurs .