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Even Skin Foaming Turmeric Body Scrub

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Elevated Drip really out did it with this foaming sugar body scrub that helps smooth your body’s skin while gradually fading skin imperfections & discoloration. 


Skin Benefits:  

This turmeric body scrub will have your skin glowing beautifully and feeling very soft. It is a soap scrub, so it exfoliates gently , foams, deeply cleans, and rinses off smoothly.

  • Help fade dark spots on your body.
  • Helps reduce body acne. 
  • Soothe inflammation from eczema and dry skin.
  • Relieve in-grown hairs and razor bumps in the beard & pubic area.
  • Prevent in grown hairs by using it before a shave.

Skin Type: 

All skin types can use this scrub.


How to Use / Frequency: 

Can be used daily. For optimal results: 

  • Dampening your skin before applying the scrub helps it to spread easier and foam more efficiently. 


How soon will I see a difference in my skin? 

You may see a difference in the tone and texture of your skin after using this for a week.





Enjoy the invigorating aroma of lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon while you shower. 

Stars of this Glowscription ⭐️ : 

⭐️ Cocoa Butter 

⭐️Shea Butter

⭐️Almond Oil


⭐️ Bear Berry Extract 


⭐️ Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon, and Vanilla Oils 


Size (oz): 
8 oz. Jar 



Processing and Shipping Times 

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Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved and is not intended to cure any skin ailments or diseases. Use the product at your own discretion. Discontinue use if irritation occurs .