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The G.O.A.T COMPLEXION Cleansing Bar

The G.O.A.T COMPLEXION Cleansing Bar

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The G.O.A.T COMPLEXION Cleansing bar helps to fade dark marks and hyperpigmentation, while reducing acne & scarring. It provides gentle daily exfoliation and balances the skin without drying it out.  It uses the skin brightening properties of turmeric, charcoal, and Goat’s milk to target your skin from all angles and even your skin tone. 
Good for all skin types including 
💧Oily/Acne Prone
Bar design is subject to change , ingredients remain the same. 
Skin Benefits:  

⭐️May help Brighten Complexion & reduce acne

⭐️ Replenish dry skin cells

⭐️Gently exfoliate 

⭐️Fade dark marks and circles

⭐️Fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the body

⭐️Create Natural Glow & an Increase in Confidence [Bonus]

Skin Type: 


  1. Sensitive/Dry 
  2. Normal/Combination
  3. Oily/Acne Prone 
How to Use / Frequency: 

Use this bar 1-3 times daily. Follow up with a moisturizer and/or toner. 

Glowscriptions that go well with this Glowscription: 

Tone Rescue Rx Green Tea & Aloe Vera Gel Toner 
• Dreamy Glow Rx Serum 

How soon will I see a difference in my skin? 

Expect to see results within 2 weeks of using The  G.O.A.T COMPLEXION Cleansing Bar




Size (oz): 

≈ 5-6oz Cleansing Soap Bar for Face & Body. 


Processing and Shipping Times 

Standard processing times for all skincare and cosmetic items can be anywhere between 3 to 10 business days. Your items will ship once processing is complete. You will receive a shipping notification once your item ships. Once your items are shipped, it may take up to 5 days to arrive. Please be mindful that each Elevated Drip product is handcrafted with love. 


Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved and is not intended to cure any skin ailments or diseases. Use the product at your own discretion. Discontinue use if irritation occurs .


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