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TRIFECTA Detox Scrub x Mask x Cleanser + 1% Salicylic Acid

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A detoxifying mask, scrub, and cleanser: Trifecta is a triple threat to breakouts, clogged pores, and problem skin. With simple, natural  ingredients, this product is powerful and packs an effective and gentle punch. 

Caution: This product does contain salicylic acid, which  may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Wear sunscreen during prolonged periods of sun exposure. Follow with moisturizer +/- SPF for optimal results. 


How to use: 

Apply to damp skin, work into skin using circular motions. This product has minimal foaming action. Allow to remain on skin for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse with cool water. May or may not follow up with a cleanser. It is a cleanser 💞. Always moisturize after using. 



Pure Cane Sugar 
Castor Oil 
1%Salicylic Acid 
Lemon grass / Peppermint Oil



💧Smooth textured skin 

💧Does not dry out skin

💧Deeply Cleanses w/ gentle foaming action

💧May reduce acne with the anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of salicylic acid.  

💧Helps fade hyperpigmentation.

💧Excellent option for body acne & discoloration.

💧Can be used daily.

💧Detoxifies impurities from pores



Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved and is not intended to cure any skin ailments or diseases. Use the product at your own discretion. Discontinue use if irritation occurs .

 Full 8 oz jar 💦